TitanX continues its global expansion by opening a new plant in China

TitanX, the leading global supplier of powertrain cooling solutions for commercial vehicles, has opened a new plant in Kunshan, China. The plant manufacturers steel oil coolers for commercial vehicles and cooling modules for generator sets to serve the Chinese domestic market and for export. The first set of oil coolers will be delivered by the end of 2015 to a major global OEM with presence in Asia and Europe.

TitanX’s new plant, the company’s first in China, is located in Kunshan in the Shanghai region. By having a Chinese plant, TitanX will be able to service international customers with localized production, as well as assisting Chinese customers with reaching the EuroVI exhaust regulations. The Kunshan plant, which has been fully validated by the major global OEM customer, is already in production and will continue to ramp-up as customer demand for cooling systems increases.

“The Chinese market offers a big opportunity for TitanX, and the Kunshan plant is a logical next step in our strategy to localize factories near key customers. Extending our presence to Asia also enables us to capture more business opportunities and expand our position as a leading manufacturer of powertrain cooling solutions to the Commercial Vehicle industry”, said Stefan Nordström, CEO of TitanX.

The Chinese emission regulations for heavy trucks are catching up with European and North American regulations. By opening a plant in China that uses the same method and standards as TitanX’s other factories, the company will be able to support the Chinese market in meeting the new regulations.