Jamestown complete our first OBD testing

The Jamestown NY, Vehicle Wind Tunnel at TitanX is proud to announce that we have recently completed our first OBD testing.

OBD – On-Board Diagnostics – monitors the performance of the vehicle’s power train (engine, transmission) and emission control systems. Testing this for coming truck models is yet another way for us to help our manufacturing customers solving their many testing needs. It is good for customers and adding new services is also a good way to continue developing the skills of our team.
The OBD testing was done according to the Urban Dynamometer Driving Schedule (UDDS)  and the Heavy Heavy-Duty Diesel Truck (HHDDT) schedule which is a chassis dynamometer test developed by the California Air Resources Board.

We are happy to take on more OBD testing and have some openings this fall. For general information on the laboratory. If you have specific questions or would like to seize one of those remaining 2016 time slots, send a mail straight to craig.sundlov@titanx.com