TitanX testing capabilities: Shake it, baby!

In our Jamestown, NY lab, TitanX has the NARLY, the most advanced shaker for chassis components in North America. This 7 DOF specially built vibration table can replicate on-road applications more accurately than any 6 DOF shaker.

DOF – degrees of freedom – describes the vibration directions. The TitanX NARLY has three translational and three rotational DOF’s with a chassis twist. It incorporates load cells for all actuators and gives you an excellent capability for modal analysis of complete cooling modules as mounted in a vehicle.

After collection of field or test track data, TitanX engineers are able to simulate years of usage in a matter of hours on a test bench. Two vibration table types are available, 1 or 7 DOF. Where required, pressurization and thermal conditioning are added to the vibration testing to better simulate field conditions.



We are happy to test any product that should be able to stand a good shake-up. Some areas where we believe our rigs can give you the answers you need are:

  • Heavy vehicles frames and bodies
  • Chassis mounted components like hoods and exhaust systems
  • Engine suspensions
  • Body in White
  • Aerial Cargo Components
  • Cabinetry
  • Yard Tractors & RTV’s

Contact us for more details on how we can help answer your testing needs: jmt_titanx_vwtinfo@titanx.com

NARLY, North American Road Loading sYstem is a 7 DOF servo-hydraulic shaker table with all rigid body motions plus a frame twist. Two main features set NARLY aside from standard frame ladder built 7DOF shakers:

  • The table is stiff and dynamically dead up to 150 Hz
  • Each actuator string incorporates a load cell which enables high quality MIMO modal analysis