The week the lab froze over

Recently, the TitanX Climatic Vehicle Wind tunnel ran a test on a Vehicle After Treatment System for a Canadian customer.

The test required temperatures of -35 C, a large drop from the +22 C outside temperature. So both the test team and the US and Canadian customers had to complement their summer clothes with winter jackets, snow boots and woolen hats.

The test ran the around the clock for five days, providing solid test results for the customer’s further development. All in all, a good and chilly week was being had by all.

Do you need temperature related testing too? Craig Sundlov, our Product Validation Group Manager and his team would love to find out how TitanX can help you.

PS. You don’t need to be a current customer or even make vehicles.


It was summer on the outside but full winter in the climatic lab during the around the clock testing


Winter is coming! The door to the TitanX Climatic Wind Tunnel in Jamestown, NY