Students welcome!

At TitanX in Jamestown, we like having students in the plant.

“This is a way for us to promote STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math – to students . We are also encouraging students to stay local, and work local,” said Frank Perrone, Director North American Engineering.

Recently a group of pre-engineering students visited TitanX. The group was provided a plant tour led by Plant Manager Joe Jackson and Frank Perrone. The tour included a visit to the climatic vehicle wind tunnel.

The science teaches likes to take their students to a world class producer of heat exchangers for the heavy truck industry – especially since TitanX is one of the largest employers in the Jamestown area for Manufacturing and Engineering Talent.




Plant manager Joe Jackson provided a brief TitanX Engine Cooling overview, while Frank Perrone, head of NA Engineering, discussed various engineering functions within TitanX.