TitanX GO – racing this time

Scot Carapellatti from TitanX is on his way to Las Vegas to race in the Superkarts! USA SuperNationals 20, X30 Master in his go-kart.

The entry list was opened up to 88 drivers and only 44 will start in the feature. Heat racing will take place during the coming week to narrow the field down for the finals. We keep our fingers crossed that Scot is one of the finalists racing on Nov 20.

Scot’s kart is cooled by a TitanX 27mm Super High Performance core design, and he will have a 52mm SHP on display.

“Kart engine cooling could benefit a lot from our designs, 95% of the cores on the market have not taken advantage of the dimple tube or low amp fin”, says Scot, who is a Senior Application Engineer at TitanX when he is not on the race track.

“With a low flow (GPM) system there is performance gain of the 25+ degrees Fahrenheit over the stock radiators.”


For more info on how TitanX cores can cool Karts, please contact scot.carapellatti@titanx.com


TitanX engineer Scot Carapellatti races in the Superkarts USA finals. And his kart engine has (of course) the best cooling.