Engine Cooling Modules

TitanX combines its outstanding product range into many module configurations to meet the packaging, performance and manufacturing demands of the heavy vehicle industry. Working closely with OEM engineers, TitanX is able to match a system to each customer’s specific needs utilizing the validated product standards of TitanX to bring a cost effective custom solution meeting the diverse demands placed on Cooling modules. TitanX supplies modules as simple as 2 heat exchangers modules up to full dress cooling modules with 25+ options per vehicle platform delivered line sequenced to our customer diverse assembly locations.


At TitanX we use patent-protected designs and innovative manufacturing techniques to produce radiators with industry leading heat-rejection, durability, and cost efficiency. Our radiators are characterized by:

  • Narrow headers to enhance pressure resistance
  • Optimized side plates and mounting methods for enhanced vibration durability

With selective use of high strength aluminum alloys we solve the industry’s biggest challenges with cost efficient solutions.Third-generation “dimpled” tubes for increased thermal performance.
We carry a full range of radiators from 27mm to 68mm to meet the needs of a demanding industry

Charge Air Coolers

Known for their supreme durability, heat rejection, and pressure drop balance. Our charge air coolers have:

  • Low-profile welded oval tubes for optimized durability and performance
  • Low-amplitude rolled offset or louvered turbulators (inside tubes) allows us to fine tune our applications for maximum performance
  • High-amplitude, louvered, or non-louvered fins (between tubes) resulting in a minimal external restriction and optimal system performance.

TitanX has redefined the charge air coolers with our CAC+® product line. With the help of SuperTurb® technology, CAC+® brings a significant advantage in both weight and durability.


We have a range of parallel flow air conditioning condensers with core depths ranging from 16mm to 22mm, all of which provide superior performance and flexibility.

We work in partnership with our integrated supply base to provide additional key components of AC systems including plumbing and receiver/dryers.