The target for the innovation process is technology leadership where the passion for innovation is completed by a rigorous drive for efficiency.



For many years, the various fluid loops have been dimensioned independently of each other, leading to cooling systems that could cope with extreme conditions but that were over-sized for normal day-to-day use. This has led to system inefficiency and increased fuel consumption.

With Optimal Cooling, TitanX looks at the thermal management of the powertrain as a whole to create and use components that act together to reject only the necessary heat. This is accomplished through commonizing heat loads into a single cooling fluid, and then optimizing the extraction of heat from this fluid to increase durability while reducing size and total cost.


Our goal in our product development process is technology leadership, which is why our development process is accompanied by a continuous and rigorous drive for efficiency and an uncompromising market orientation.


We provide our customers with a wide range of custom-engineered products that provide flexibility in meeting cooling goals within customer-specified environments. We work directly with our customers to develop “Best in Class” cooling systems covering a broad range of applications.

  • Medium Duty
  • Cooling Modules
  • Bus Cooling Modules
  • Heavy Duty Cooling Modules
  • Engine/Transmission Mounted Heat Exchangers
  • Condensers
  • GenSet Cooling Modules