Our roots go back to 1895, when the blacksmith JW Thorell started his business in Linköping, Sweden. In Jamestown, NY, USA Mr Gabrielson started a workshop in 1914 that quickly became Jamestown Car Parts, a supplier to the very young automotive industry. In 1953, the Mjällby plant in Blekinge, Sweden was founded by Alfalaval who run the factory for many years until Volvo acquired it.

One by one, the plants were acquired by Blackstone, and from 1979 all three plants had the same owner. After a few years with Armstrong, the three facilities were acquired by Valeo, who owned the plants until 2008, when a carve out was made of the heavy duty side of engine cooling, and TitanX was born.

Three new branches have grown out of the family tree since: Jaguariúna in the Sao Paolo area of Brazil, where production of engine cooling modules started in 2013, Saltillo in the Monterrey area in Mexico, started production in 2015 and Kunshan in the Shanghai region in China, where production of oil coolers also started in 2015.