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Heat transfer

Component and engine cooling module heat transfer testing in dedicated computer-interfaced wind tunnels allows the measurement of heat rejection and internal and external fluid pressure drop. This empirical data serves as the base for cooling module performance simulations, which further supports Climatic Vehicle Wind Tunnel testing. This information helps to maximize individual heat exchanger and cooling module system performance and provides a simple, repeatable test that can be performed in continuous conformance testing to ensure that TitanX heat exchangers provide the expected heat transfer over the entire life of the product.

Durability testing

At TitanX we have the ability to reproduce high application temperatures and pressures destructive forces on the cooling systems. TitanX continuously upgrades its testing capabilities to ensure that the increasing temperatures of modern engines and applications can be accurately simulated in our labs. Pressure cycle benches Thermal cycle benches Burst stands

Vibration test facilities

After collection of field or test track data, TitanX engineers are able to simulate years of usage in a matter of hours on a test bench. Three vibration table types are available, 1 Degree of Freedom (DOF), 6 DOF and NARLY, TitanX’s 7 DOF. Where required, pressurization and thermal cycle load are added to the vibration testing to better simulate field conditions.
NARLY is TitanX’s three translational and three rotational DOF’s with a chassis twist. It incorporates load cells for all actuators and gives TitanX an excellent capability for modal analysis of complete cooling modules as mounted in a vehicle.

Field and laboratory data recording

Jamestown Division’s field and laboratory data recording has the following capabilities: eDAQ system with 48 HLS, 8 thermocouple and 24 low level channels conditioning and sensors for 50 acceleration and 40 strain channels pressure and displacement transducers Data processing is done using Glyphworks and inField, while modal analysis is performed using ME-Scope.

Chemistry/Metallurgical laboratory

Two staffed and well equipped chemical and metallurgical laboratories provide internal and external customer support with microscopic, chemical, thermal, and physical analyses of metals, polymers, and elastomers. This data is also incorporated into simulation models. The metrology laboratories can provide layout inspection on cooling modules and components to help ensure proper installation.

Vehicle climatic wind tunnel

Our United States climatic wind tunnel is located in Jamestown, NY USA and is used to develop engine cooling and climate control systems for heavy truck manufacturers. Testing these systems in our state of the art climatic vehicle wind tunnels, under controlled conditions, allow TitanX engineers to optimize product performance under a wide range of operating conditions.

The climate controlled wind tunnels can also be used for climatic testing of other vehicle systems, such as fuel or brakes, as well as non-vehicle applications. TitanX engineers are experienced in working with customers to develop standard or customized testing programs.


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