Mjällby test center

The target for the innovation process is technology leadership where the passion for innovation is completed by a rigorous drive for efficiency.

Heat transfer testing

Component and engine cooling module heat transfer testing in dedicated computer-interfaced wind tunnels allows the measurement of heat rejection and internal and external fluid pressure drop.

  • Plenum to Plenum wind tunnel
  • Duct to duct wind tunnel
  • Water/glycol cooled oil cooler bench
  • Cooling fan test bench

Durability testing

Our durability tests allow TitanX engineers to simulate years of usage and environmental exposure on the cooling systems. The tests offered in the Mjällby Division include:

  • Thermal cycle benches
  • Pressure pulsation benches
  • Distortion bench
  • Vibration benches
  • Corrosion benches
  • Endurance test

Vibration test facilities

After collection of field or test track data, TitanX engineers are able to simulate years of usage in a matter of hours on a test bench. Two vibration table types are available, one single degree of freedom (1-DOF) and two six degree of freedom (6-DOF MTS Multi Axial Simulation Table, MAST). Where required, pressurization and thermal cycle load are added to the vibration testing to better simulate field conditions.

Field and laboratory data recording

Mjällby Division’s field and laboratory data recording has the following capabilities:

  • LMS Scadas Recorder where the data recording could be performed front-end or via compact flash card.
  • 64 channels with bridge amplifiers suitable for strain measurements. The system could also be reconfigured to support V/ICP/TEDS mode, up to 24 channels.
  • 64 channels for thermocouple
  • 3 input channels for CAN-bus data GPS
  • Available sensors are accelerometers, strain gauges, thermocouples and pressure transducers.

Data processing is done using LMS TecWare, while modal analysis is performed using LMS Test Lab.

Material/Metallurgical laboratory

The Division has a well-equipped material and metallurgical laboratory that provides internal and external customer support with equipment like Scanning Electron Microscope, Energy Dispersive Spectrometer, Metal microscope, equipment for mechanical tests and equipment for plastification, grinding and polishing.


Infrared thermography cameras produce images of invisible infrared or “heat” radiation. These cameras make it possible to study flow circulation characteristics inside heat exchangers and also to determine the temperature in different areas of the heat exchangers.

Climatic wind tunnel

Used to develop engine cooling and climate control systems for heavy truck manufacturers. Testing these systems in our state of the art climatic vehicle wind tunnels, under controlled conditions, allow TitanX engineers to optimize product performance under a wide range of operating conditions. The climate controlled wind tunnels can also be used for climatic testing of other vehicle systems, such as fuel or brakes, as well as non-vehicle applications. TitanX engineers are experienced in working with customers to develop standard or customized testing programs.

Prototype shop

Our experienced engineers build, for internal and external customers, from single components to complete module prototypes.

Testing center:
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Vehicle climatic wind tunnel:
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