Chief Executive Officer DSD

Reporting directly to the VP TitanXtend and being part of DSD board, the executive officer will provide a strategic plan for business success. He/she is responsible for providing leadership in determining budget priorities, developing sales and marketing campaigns, and setting expectations for the corporate culture. The CEO works closely with regulatory agencies to insure compliance with all state and federal guidelines. 

Chief Technology Officer DSD

Reporting directly to the Managing Director of the company, this role will be selecting, evaluating and possibly suggesting the best technologies to be applied and/or at the base of the products and the services that the company provide to the market.

Managing Director DSD

Reporting directly to the CEO of the company, he/she will be part of DSD board and is responsible for the daily operations of the company. He/she is directly responsible to manage the day to day functions in the organization and reports to the CEO regarding any progress and escalations required within the organization. The heads of the different divisions and the management team report to the managing director and the managing director helps the overall management in the smooth functioning of different divisions.