Oil Coolers

Our oil coolers are based on many years of development in cooperation with the market leading commercial vehicle customers like Volvo, Scania and Daimler. Now we bring this OEM experience to China. We provide cost effective oil cooling solutions with superior quality and high performance in combination with an optimal geometric size and low weight. This allows TitanX to deliver high durability and cost effective system solutions.

Together with our customers, we find solutions that meet the emissions and efficiency demands from legislators and customers worldwide. Demands that result in less fuel consumption and improved total cost of ownership. We have worked with European and US legislations up to and including Euro6 and US10.

Our product range of steel vacuum brazed plate coolers:

Retarder Oil Coolers

Retarder applications have extreme high demands. The thermal cycles have high derivation patterns where high temperature amplitudes give an extreme thermal fatigue stress, and the high pressure pulsation peaks cause mechanical stress. Still, the retarder cooler must have an optimal geometric size and low weight.

Our Twin Flow Integrated oil cooler is made of Stainless Steel plates that have the cooling circuit and the oil circuit integrated. This allows no by-pass losses in the heat exchange process.

Engine Oil Coolers

Engine build in oil coolers have been designed by TitanX for decades. Our technology is based on Stainless Steel plate coolers.

A Single Flow Integrated oil cooler is integrated into the engine block to get an optimal vehicle cooling system solution. An alternative is having an oil filter module where the oil cooler is mounted into the filter module.

Our Twin Flow Integrated cooler can also serve as engine oil cooler.

We can offer a combination of single and twin flow, if that is the best solution for our customer.

Transmission Oil Coolers

Transmission Oil Coolers are built as Single or Twin Flow Integrated stainless steel plate coolers. The coolers will be integrated into the engine block by standard or custom interface connections.

Our product configuration integrates both the cooling and the oil circuit, allowing no by-pass losses in the heat exchange process.